House Of Gold Hits Nigeria Cinemas July 19 With Twist Stars Like Omawumi, Yvonne Nelson, Ice Prince And Others


After a successful Nigeria release of Single and Married in 2012, Silverbird Distributions Limited will on Friday, July 19, release the third self-produced film and second cinema feature of Ghanaian screen goddess; Yvonne Nelson, aptly titled House of Gold simultaneously across cinemas in Nigeria with a red carpet premiere holding exclusively at Silverbird Galleria in Lagos, Nigeria which will showcase a parade of Nollywood, Ghollywood and other entertainment icons from various sectors.

The flick which was executive produced by Media GH in partnership with Yvonne Nelson was directed by 2012 Ghana Movie Awards winner for Best Director, Pascal Amanfo, is described by Yvonne Nelson “as a comedy filled with lots of laugh out loud moments and loaded with so much excitement such that movie enthusiasts should brace up for a thrilling experience”.

House of Gold tells the story of Dan Ansah Williams, a highflying entrepreneur, business mogul, polygamist and Socialite who is battling with Cancer and has 6 weeks to live. With the help of his long time associate and legal representative he embarks on a mission to re-call all his children, most of who were born out of wedlock, back home. Dan’s last wish is to have his children all under one roof for 7 days so that they will get to know each other and be bond due to the fact that they share the same blood line. However, that reunion proves a little more than everyone bargained for as each child indeed returns with an agenda and this sets the stage for the most hilarious and bizarre 7 days of their lives.
The movie which is described as a Ghana meets Naija with a twist stars Majid Michel, Eddie Watson, Yvonne Nelson, Luckie Lawson, Umar Krupp, and Nigerian musicians Omawumi Megbele, Nigeria Idol Season 2 winner-Mercy Chinwo and Ice Prince Zamani. The eclectic casting mix had earlier been described by Yvonne Nelson as “interesting as this casting twist will have movie lovers buzzing as they watch their beloved musical stars act alongside Ghollywood’s finest”.

Yvonne Nelson who also clinched the Face of Ghana Best Actress 2011/2012, said that the release of the movie in both countries will be preceded by a red carpet movie premiere which will be attended by the crème of Nollywood and Ghollywood movie industries alongside her fans and supporters who have been anticipating the release of the movie since the success of Single and Married in 2012. She said she was feeling very excited about the Nigerian release of the movie based on the acceptance she had received from movie enthusiasts who had appreciated her brand over the years.

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