Talkertive is a social media page which primary function is to keep everyone updated about the happenings in the entertainment world both home and abroad. The team is committed to making sure that the readers get the latest gossips, information, and trends in the society. So sit back, relax and flip through the exciting stories as we hope to serve you better.


Happy reading.



  1. This is so impressive and very classic.. Also a̶̲̥̅̊ New beginning To youth lifestyle.. Well love the entertainment info n Gallery thingz.. Jst want to say, its so informative and education To us.. But we Need more thingz to the TelkaerTive website..we Need, Sport,education Info, Movie talkz, showbiz,showz, Event picx,and celeb interviews..etc..!! This is bring more ppl into the Talkertive Zone Thingz.. Big ups to the Guys..#tomsUp.. Xpectin more frm you… One love

  2. Of course some of these will make you laugh, especially if your friend feed isn’t anything like these poor people had to read. But assuming that I was lacking something, I did extensive research online and found that most people are having the same problems and more.

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